Adya Mantoo
Oct 5, 2021


Poem's theme further elaborated-

It doesn't have a deeper meaning than it seems:

-Going outside in the fresh air, crowds, and restaurants were all very ordinary things; they were 'just there,' nothing special, they were fun. However,now it's a gift.

-The same place, different times, and different emotions

-Previously, seeing a large queue or crowd would have elicited distress and annoyance

-But, now they are novelties. One feels happy seeing a queue, noticing the aroma of a place and nature (which I love).

-In Pre-pandemic times, one would have not noticed or thought about them in-depth. Now, are chance encounters, thus trouvaille.

-It is not about longing for the good old days but rather feeling blessed in the current situation, presently living this moment.

-Having Gratitude for these precious moments which deserve their share of love and acknowledgement.

Carpe Diem!



Adya Mantoo

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